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An easy drive-to destination!

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are centrally located on the eastern seaboard and are easily accessible by car from all major metropolitan areas in the eastern United States and Canada. The beautiful beaches of the Outer

Feet hanging out of car

Banks are only a 3 hour drive from Richmond, VA and a 3 1/2 hour drive from Raleigh, NC! The Outer Banks is only a day's drive away from from Pittsburgh, New York City, and other cities on the east coast. We're closer than you think!

Generally these directions apply once you near the Outer Banks...

  • From Norfolk, Va., and points north: Take U.S. Route 168 to U.S. Route 158, which crosses the Wright Memorial Bridge to Kitty Hawk. Beginning May 1, drives on the Chesapeake Expressway will notice an increase in the toll during regular operating hours and more on weekends. Don't want to pay the increased toll? Here you can find directions for an alternate route to the Outer Banks.
  • From Raleigh, NC and points west: Take U.S. Route 64 into Manteo.