Alternate Route to Outer Banks

Beginning May 1, drivers on the Chesapeake Expressway will notice an increase in the toll from $2 to $3 during regular operating hours and up to $6 during peak travel times. Don't want to pay the increased toll? Read on for directions around the toll road.

The Chesapeake Expressway was built and completed in May 2001 to help lighten the traffic to and from the Outer Banks. The Chesapeake Expressway was built parallel to VA-168 Battlefield Boulevard, and crosses it in three places. An alternative route bypassing the Chesapeake Expressway to the Outer Banks is available for motorists seeking to avoid the toll and is outlined below.

Directions South towards the Outer Banks

Take exit 8B off of Route 168 South (Hillcrest Parkway Exit), turn right at second traffic light on to Battlefield Blvd (Route 168 South Business). Follow Route 168 South Business for 7 miles. Turn right onto Highway 168.

Directions North from the Outer Banks

Turn left on Battlefield Blvd. (Last exit before toll), follow 7 miles. Turn left onto Hillcrest Parkway. Follow signs and reenter Highway 168.

To view the driving directions and route on Google Maps, click here.

Please obey all traffic laws in the area. Once a major roadway, Battlefield Blvd is located on and near residential neighborhoods and businesses. Maintain safe speeds and share the road with cyclists and pedestrians. 


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