Big Ol' Breakfast at the Jolly Roger in Kill Devil Hills

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Sometimes you just need a big ol' breakfast. One of those mornings when a bowl of Cheerios or a cup of coffee just isn't going to do the trick. Know what I mean? Fortunately, Outer Banks vacationers have an abundance of options when it comes to "filling up their tanks" in the AM. Every town and village along the coast boasts a couple of Outer Banks restaurants known for their fantastic breakfast menus.

If you're vacationing in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills or Nags Head, check out the Jolly Roger, located at Mile Post 6.5 on the Beach Road. The Jolly Roger has been a Kill Devil Hills establishment since 1972. It's hard to tell how many vacationers (and locals) have gotten their grub on at the Jolly Roger over the decades!  I actually remember eating at the Jolly Roger back in the early 80s as a sunburned kid on our family vacation. Come to think of it... The place pretty much looks the same as I remember it from childhood! You'll find dark wood, OBX memorabilia on the walls, a pirate statue in the entry and even Christmas ornaments hanging from the ceiling. It's all part of the charm!

The Jolly Roger is known for its big (and affordable) breakfast platters. My friend and I recently took our 2-year old kiddos out for breakfast on a Saturday morning. To get my sugar fix, I ordered French toast. I must say it was excellent. I ALMOST ordered my little girl 2 pancakes thinking they would be pretty small. Thankfully, our waitress informed me that their pancakes are the size of a dinner plate! (Check out the pic.) 

With 2 toddlers in tow, a spill is nearly a given. We managed to knock over a glass of water but our waitress just laughed and helped us clean up the drippy mess. All in all, it was a greatRestaurant near Outer Banks vacation rentals breakfast. The kids behaved (as well as 2-year olds can be expected to behave) and we all left with full tummies.

I can't say I'll ever head out to kareoke night, but I'm quite certain that I'll be back for many more breakfasts. Next time you're in town, head to the Jolly Roger for a carb and sausage-filled good time!

See you at the beach!


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