Sun Realty Provides Housing for Upcoming Kiteboarding Motion Picture on Hatteras Island

If you visited Hatteras Island or attended the Triple S Invitational in the early summer of 2018, you might have noticed a few camera crews hovering about.

In late May, the cast and crew of the upcoming competitive kiteboarding movie Send It!, set to premiere on June 4th at REAL Watersports as part of the 2019 Triple S Invitational, arrived on Hatteras Island for filming. Written by Charles McKinney and directed by Andrew Stevens, a summary on the film's IMDB page states: "An extreme sportsman's life forever changes upon departing his simple Texas roots to compete in the world's most prestigious Kiteboarding Championship, the Triple S, on Hatteras Island in Waves, NC. Along the way, an edgy street-smart girl challenges him well beyond just kiting."

The Triple S Invitational, held annually at REAL Watersports, set the stage for actors including Patrick Fabian, Michael Jai White and Claudia Lee. Sun Realty, a leading vacation rental company on the Outer Banks, was privileged to provide lodging and other services to the cast and crew throughout the production. Local Sun Realty employees and friends were even cast as extras in the film.

Hatteras Island is no stranger to the silver screen. The Inn at Rodanthe, as well as other local landmarks, were featured in the 2008 major motion picture, Nights in Rodanthe, starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane. This beautiful home can now be reserved as a vacation rental through Sun Realty for up to 12 guests and features a hot tub with ocean views.


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