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Tips for Running on the Beach

Staying fit and healthy is a struggle many of us have while on vacation.
Running is a great, easy way to stay fit on vacation. The only thing you need to for this exercise is the motivation. What makes for better motivation than our beautiful surroundings. 

Here are a few tips when running on the beach:

1. Pick Your Path
Start out by locating a distinct starting point; whether it's a major beach access point, pier or lifeguard stand it is important to remember this point. Plan to run out and back, which will work both sides of your body equally. Run at low-tide when our beaches are at their broadest. For beginners, run below the high-tide line where the sand is firmest. For more advanced runners, try running intervals between firm and soft sand. 

2. Pace
Understand your pace is going to be slower compared to running on a surface like ashpalt. Focus on endurance over speed when running on the beach. 

3. Shoes
Go barefoot! Running barefoot gives your calves and foot muscles a rare workout. If you choose to wear shoes, pick a pair that is lightweight and easy to clean. 

4. Protection
Wear your SPF! Preferrably, an SPF with UVB and UVA ray protection. Run in the early morning or late evening to avoid the heat. Also, think about taking advantage of the warm weather by using a spray in conditioner for your hair while running. Stay hydrated! Exercising on the beach in an unfamiliar climate will leave you dehydrated before you notice. Always bring water on your run. 

5. Ready, Set, Run
Take your training to the next level by signing up for one of the many races happening in the Outer Banks this fall! 

August, 2014
1 - Slash & Dash & 5K
6 - Lighthouse 5K in Corolla
7 - Village of Nags Head 5K
13 - Lighthouse 5K in Corolla
14 - Village of Nags Head 5K
15 - Slash & Dash & 5K
20 - Lighthouse 5K in Corolla
21 - Village of Nags Head 5K
27 - Lighthouse 5K in Corolla

September, 2014
6 - All Out Pink Road Race
13 - Outer Banks Half Triathlon
13 - Outer Banks Olympic Triathlon
14 - Outer Banks Sprint Triathlon

October, 2014
No group runs scheduled

November, 2014 
7 - Outer Banks Marathan EXPO 
8 - Buccaneer 5K  
8 - Outer Banks 10K                           
8 - Family Fun Run 
9 - Outer Banks Marathon 
9 - Southern Fried Half Marathon

December, 2014
20 - Festivus Road Race 5K  
20 - Festivus Road Race 10K
20 - Jingle Jog 1 Mile and 1/4 Mile                   

Lastly, keep your head up and enjoy it!



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