Flashback to 1980! Celebrating 30 Years on the Outer Banks

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Jimmy Carter was President, the Doobie Brothers had the Record of the Year, the average annual salary was $15,757, MTV didn't exist yet and "Who shot JR?" was the question everyone wanted answered. (If you're wondering who the heck "JR" is, then give your parents a ring.) 

Time flies when you're having fun! This Saturday, May 15th, Sun Realty will turn the big 3-0. The last three decades are filled with wonderful memories. As we look towards an exciting future, we also take time to reminisce. Here's a quick flashback to 1980.

Sun Realty's Story...Paul Breaux, founder of Sun Realty

In 1980, a young entrepreneur named Paul Breaux decided to take a risk and start a company called Sun Realty. Those early days were comprised of long hours, hard work, commitment, a little luck and lots of fun. The small office in Nags Head was "Command Central." The reservation board on the wall was filled with handwritten notes and guests' contact information. Each day brought new challenges, opportunities and successes for the new company and its dedicated staff.

Jackie Ricks-Sample, one of the founding members of the Sun Realty team and a well-known Outer Banks real estate sales agent, reflects on those early days...

It was 1975 when I graduated from college, moved to the Outer Banks and began working in property management.  In 1980, Paul Breaux tapped me to manage the rental division of his new company that would be called Sun Realty.  I still have very fond memories of that first trailer that was our temporary office. Every sale, every new rental listing was cause for celebration.  Even though we were working 16 hours a day, seven days a week, we stayed excited.  In retrospect, the experience of helping a business literally grow from the ground up is an education few are lucky enough to have. I truly believe I earned my MBA first hand while being a part of the Sun Realty story. duck vacation rentals office

Today, Sun Realty offers the largest selection of Outer Banks vacation rentals, an extremely successful real estate sales team, 7 offices and covers nearly 100 miles of the North Carolina coast. As we celebrate Sun Realty's 30th anniversary on May 15th, we'd like to sincerely thank the vacationers, homeowners, employees and clients who make it all possible.

Perhaps Ali Breaux, Paul Breaux's daughter and Sun Realty President, sums things up best...

My father always had high expectations and would never accept anything but the best for Sun Realty. His unfailing dedication and relentless drive to succeed kept him going despite many challenges along the way.The company was founded on the basic values of high ethics, excellent service, innovation and always representing the best of the Outer Banks. Our guests, homeowners, employees and clients deserve nothing less than that!

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