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The draw of Carova begins with its rugged beauty and isolation. You will need a 4WD vehicle to access these homes.

Carova Beach, the Northern-most area of North Carolina's Outer Banks, is only accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicle. There are no paved roads that access the residential and vacation properties that dot the beaches in this area, and there is no commercial development. Without convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores or light pollution, residents and vacationers are truly able to enjoy the natural beauty of the sounds, smells and sights of the Outer Banks while vacationing here.

The name "Carova" stems from the two words, Carolina and Virginia. While the name itself may sound funny, the beaches in this area are some of the most untouched and remote surroundings along the Outer Banks. In addition to its lush scenery, Carova and its communities are also home to North Carolina's official state horse, the Banker Ponies, or, Wild Spanish Mustangs. The Wild Spanish Mustangs of Carova and Corolla have inhabited this small northern area for over 400 years. Living amongst the sand dunes and maritime forest, it is common, while vacationing in Carova and Corolla, to see these animals playing in the surf, sun bathing, feeding on native grasses, and caring for their foals. As these horses are wild, for your protection as well as their own, there remains an ordinance in place to keep at least 50-feet away from them at all times.

Carova vacation rentals offered by Sun Realty range in size and price; because there are no condominium complexes built in this area, the smallest properties that Sun Realty offers on the beaches of Carova start at three-bedrooms. From there, our inventory expands and we are proud to represent homes in the northern beaches that offer up to nine-bedrooms. All vacation homes offered by Sun Realty in Carova are equipped with fully-stocked kitchens and house necessities. 

A four-wheel-drive vehicle is necessary to access Carova, even if you are just driving through for the day. Access to the homes and the beach communities within Carova are done so solely by a vehicle that has 4WD capabilities. Unfortunately, an all-wheel-drive vehicle will get stuck in the sand. Should you need further information regarding driving on the beach in Carova and its communities, please read this important information, or contact one of our knowledgeable locals at Sun Realty's Corolla office. 

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7 BR, 6 ½ BA in Carova, NC Semi Ocean Front
The Dexster Reiley House CV-55 Exterior

The Dexster Reiley House CV-55

4 BR, 3 BA in Carova, NC Oceanside
Rear Exterior

Vista al Mar CV-68

3 BR, 2 ½ BA in Carova, NC Oceanside

Great Escape SWB-18

5 BR, 3 BA in Carova, NC Oceanside
Stargazer SWB-21 Exterior

Stargazer SWB-21

4 BR, 3 ½ BA in Carova, NC Semi Ocean Front
Rear Exterior

A Diamond in the Dunes SWB-31

4 BR, 2 BA in Carova, NC Oceanside

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