KABA/Oracode Keyless Locks

Security and Peace of Mind for Your Rental Home

Keyless entry for OBX vacation rentals

Safety and security are important to all of us. Protect your rental property with keyless locks from KABA/Oracode. Keyless locks have become an expectation of many of your guests and are an affordable way to add a desired amenity and added security to your vacation rental property. Along with convenience, they have the peace of mind that no other guests or outsiders have a key to gain access into the home they rented other than who is supposed to be there. Keyless locks provide a great benefit to you as well by having a clear audit trail of who has been in your home at any given point. This helps to ensure your property is in the best possible hands. We have been working with KABA/Oracode for several years now and highly recommend this keyless entry solution for your home.

There are several reasons why Oracode is the most efficient and secure keyless access control solution on the market. Here are what tops our list:

Top 7 Reason for Making Your Property Safe, More Attractive to Rent

  1. Oracode offers a secure and efficient way to provide access without keys. Many guests, housekeeping staff, vendors, and real estate personnel could duplicate or lose your property’s keys without our knowledge. Oracode prevents this from happening since it requires no keys. Oracode prevents lost keys from ending up in the wrong hands.
  2. Oracode tracks who entered your property, on what day and at what time. This system provides individual codes that separate you the owner, maintenance, vendors, and housekeepers from guests, allowing us to monitor each individual activity.
  3. Oracode is time sensitive. We will issue a code to a guest, staff, or vendor for a certain period, and that code only works during that designated time frame and expires automatically upon check out. And, we can issue you one code for the entire year. Guest and owner codes can be personalized, making them easy to remember. You can give your code to another family member and not have to worry about exchanging keys. This makes it convenient for you.
  4. Oracode generates codes via the Internet. We can send a new guest or vendor a code via SMS or email to a mobile device or laptop. Guests do not have to pick up or drop off keys; they simply arrive at your property and begin enjoying their vacation. And, even if the Internet goes down, Oracode locks still work and provide entry into your property. (Upgrade your internet service with Silicon Travel, Sun Realty's recommended provider!)
  5. Guests love this system. In surveying guests year after year, guests increasingly ask for keyless entry for their vacation rental. When we receive your completed order for an Oracode keyless system and install it, your guests can have an “express check-in“ once your home is cleared by housekeeping.
  6. Oceanfront construction and finish options outlast residential locks. Oracode locks meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements for dust, rain, humidity, and salt spray corrosion tests. This means that they stand up to harsh environmental conditions, which preserves the lock’s aesthetics and performance.
  7. Oracode locks are virtually maintenance free. Depending on the lock model, replacement of three AA batteries is required annually. This is something we take care of replacing for you.

We’re confident you and your guests will enjoy the benefits of keyless entry. We encourage you to sign up now so we can have your lock installed for the convenience and security of your upcoming guests. Please complete the form below or contact us if you have any questions. *Due to supply issues and increased costs of manufacturing, the oil-rubbed bronze is only available with a $175 upcharge. This selection may also result in a delay in installation.


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