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The Inn at Rodanthe, as it was named in the 2008 movie based on Nicholas Spark’s popular novel, Nights in Rodanthe, starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane, is a beautifully-restored, single family home (not an actual Inn), located in the small Hatteras Island village of Rodanthe on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The storyline draws the viewer into the emotions of a woman, Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane), on the verge of divorce who accepts her friend’s invitation to fill in as temporary innkeeper while she is away. She agrees and travels to the Outer Banks. A first time guest of the Inn, Dr. Paul Flanner (Richard Gere) visits the area on personal business and becomes friends with Adrienne. They share their life story, fall in love and the rest of the story…well, you’ll just have to see the movie for yourself.

During filming, Outer Banks locals were used as extras and many locals caught a glimpse of the cast and crew as they filmed across Hatteras Island and the southern Outer Banks. Debuting in September 2008, the movie embraced the majestic natural beauty of Hatteras Island and the focal point of the story, the Inn at Rodanthe.

The Inn at Rodanthe (formerly known as Serendipity) was originally built in the 1980’s and at the time of construction, over 400 feet of beach and sand separated the home from the Atlantic. Throughout the years, coastal storms, hurricanes, erosion and repetitive ocean over wash put the home is severe danger. The home was condemned by local officials after filming due to extreme coastal erosion that placed the home literally in the Atlantic Ocean.

On January 18th, 2010, the home was moved from its original site by Expert House Movers (the same company that moved the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse). Serendipity, weighing in at 83,000 pounds, was jacked up, shored with cribbing underneath, loaded up onto beams and four pair of huge wheels, and readied for its move in a matter of just two days. The electric crews and telephone companies temporarily took down power lines and the police stopped traffic while the Inn at Rodanthe took a 30 minute journey on Highway 12 to its new location.

During production blue shutters and wrap around decks were added and then removed post production. Interior scenes were actually filmed on a soundstage. The new owners renamed the house the Inn at Rodanthe and replicated the interior and exterior to emulate that of the movie, even utilizing original props from the movie set.

The exterior now features the infamous blue shutters from the movie and the interior was painstakingly decorated with great attention to detail throughout to ensure that the decor was as close to the movie as possible. The vintage floral wallpaper of the same pattern that was used in the movie was tracked down in New York and now adorns the walls of the kitchen. Custom designed doors were recreated and installed in the kitchen as well. The second level offers the infamous blue bedroom decorated to appear as the bedroom Richard Gere stayed in during his visit to the Inn at Rodanthe. A few of the furnishings are actual props originally used on the movie set, including lamps and a small oak desk with a mirror above about it, located in the kitchen.

Nights in Rodanthe, the book and the movie represent not only a stay on Hatteras Island. They represent second chances, the mending of relationships and most of all love. The romance and history of Hatteras Island are waiting for you. For more information on reserving an Outer Banks vacation rental, speak to one of our knowledgeable vacation specialists at 1-888-853-7770.   

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