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Beach house in the process of being moved

Serendipity, better known as the "Nights in Rodanthe House," has been a victim of the relentless surf in recent years. In the movie, the dramatic tides added to the ambience. In real life, Serendipity's owners were ordered to either move the home or tear it down after Dare County declared it a public nuisance. The house itself was in excellent condition, but the beach around it was not. When it was built in 1988, Serendipity had 400 feet of beach in front of it. As you can see from the pre-move pics, the beach had almost entirely eroded.

Sun Realty Matching Donations for Red Cross Disaster Relief
We've all seen the absolutely heartbreaking images coming out of Haiti for the last 6 days. It's difficult to imagine what the people of Haiti are experiencing right now. Relief organizations estimate that over 3 million children and adults are suffering as a result of the magnitude 7.0 earthquake.

Whenever I visit a historic home, museum or hotel, I always have to ask if there are any ghost stories associated with the building. I'm such a sucker for that kind of thing. I feel like legends and ghost stories personalize history. They allow you to vividly imagine the people and places of another time. Back in school, history class could sometimes induce snores. However, history comes to life when you hear about the people who actually lived it.

The Woodmere, #354 in Sun Realty's vacation rental program, will be open for tours on Saturday January 9th during the Outer Banks Wedding Weekend. This premier event home features space to accommodate a 30x60 tent, gazebo, private beach access and a honeymoon bungalow with Jacuzzi! This oceanfront vacation home is centrally located in Kill Devil Hills, with views of the Wright Brothers Monument.



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