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12 Apr 2009

During the summer, the Waterside Theater in Manteo has several activities for the family. Last year, my niece and I really enjoyed their production of Sleeping Beauty and having brunch with the cast afterwards. The play was not at all what either of us expected, but it was really exciting (it was a modernized, musical adaptation of Sleeping Beauty not the traditional story)! At brunch with the cast we learned that the cast had actually written most of the show in rehearsal, which was very impressive. They had taken some local legends (like that of the witch Cora in Hatteras Woods) and businesses/people and woven them into the plot. Also, they made jokes and references to modern pop culture with characters like "The Beach Street Boys" and "Sonny's Angels". Being a big fan of live bands, I was also thrilled they actually had a band (they were awesome) playing the songs instead of pre-recorded music. But my favorite part of the play had to be when a local was trying to explain something to a tourist and said "well, if you were a BEEN-HERE instead of a COME-HERE, you would understand!" It got a big laugh! At brunch, we got to meet most of the cast members, Lexie had her picture taken with Princess Heather and she learned the final dance from the play. We really had a great time and are looking forward to Tea with the Queen and Charlotte's Web this year.


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