Rogallo Kite Festival this weekend at Jockey's Ridge

Imagine driving down Hwy 158 and looking up to see a huge display of colorful kites in the shape of sea creatures and divers floating in the sky for all to enjoy. This weekend is the 28th Annual Rogallo Kite Festival on the dunes of Jockey's Ridge State Park, located at mile post 12.5 on highway 158. This free event is a tribute to Francis Rogallo, a NASA scientists who invented the flexible wing, which eventually lead to the development of hang gliding, stunt kites and power kites. The kite festival will last two full days during which host Kitty Hawk Kites will fly their signature large single line kites, including a 100 ft. octopus, an 80 ft. scuba diver and a 50 ft. fish. Kitty Hawk Kites will also be offering free stunt and power kite lessons on the dunes and kids activities at their Nags Head store across the street from the festival. If you’re in the Outer Banks this weekend, join us at Jockey’s Ridge to see this exciting display of color and ingenuity! Click here for more information on the 28th Annual Rogallo Kite Festival and other events held by Kitty Hawk Kites or e-mail

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