OBX Most Memorable Story | Contest Winner

On Facebook, we asked for our fans’ most memorable OBX vacation stories! We received quite a few entries, and are thrilled to share this heartfelt winning story with everyone!

“Hello Sun,

I don't even know if this counts b/c it really isn't about our vacation, but a story that involves our house, Dune Swale , and a wedding and a funeral. Not even a season after we bought Dune Swale in 2000 we had a request for a rental that involved a wedding being held at the house on the beach. We were thrilled to know that a couple would be getting married at our historic cottage and starting their history as husband and wife. We received a sweet note that it all went off without a hitch and that even the weather cooperated!

Well, the years went by, we had a new addition to our family, my mother passed away, guests came and went. One day I opened my email from our wonderful Judy Nortarthomas who had handled all our rentals for years at Sun Realty KDH. By the time I got to the end of the email I could barely read the type through my tears.

The couple who had gotten married years before...the wife had been diagnosed with a very rare cancer, there was no treatment. She told her sister to go Dune Swale where she had gotten married. She said this had been the happiest day of her life and held the best memories. She sent her sister with special instructions to take a bucket and fill it with sand from the beach in front of Dune Swale .

Not long after, the sand was thrown over her (the bride's) grave at her funeral.

How privileged we are to help people make memories and histories, and that we can share in a little piece of that by sharing our home.
Salt water in our veins,
Jeff and Jackie Greene”

We want to thank Jeff and Jackie Greene for this truly wonderful story! And thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! More contests to come. If you don’t already follow us on Facebook , please do so to stay in the loop for special offers, featured homes, and more fan giveaways!

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