North to Corolla!

Most vacationers tend to congregate around the Kill Devil Hills area. Yes, there is an abundance of Outer Banks activities to do and attractions to see on the main drag, but who always needs to be right in the middle of everything. Take a family trip to the Northern beaches of Corolla and experience a relaxing getaway on the pristine and less populated beaches. Sure the drive to Corolla can be long, even longer sometimes with traffic, but it is worth it to experience another part of the Outer Banks! And be sure to start off early so you’ll have time to make all the stops along the way!

On your way through, be sure to stop in Duck at the Scarborough Faire Village Shops . Great for trinkets and specialty shops you can only find in the Outer Banks! Duck also offers many waterfront shops so you can shop by the sound and feel the breeze of the water. Especially great for those hot summer days. Sunset Grille & Raw Bar is a popular place for locals and vacationers. Stop in and grab some lunch before heading out to Corolla. Definitely be sure to try their Caribbean Jerk Burger! And before or after lunch, you can go out on the pier to Sunset Watersports and take out a jet-ski, kayak, or boat to explore the sound. A must-do for your summer vacation!

Once you’ve explored in Duck, drive those 15 more miles to Corolla to experience what Currituck County has to offer. TimBuck II Shopping Mall is a great place to do some more shopping. From surf & skate stores to gourmet food & wine stores, and even hair braiding and temporary tattoo shops, there is something for everyone! Also be sure to stop by the Whalehead Club and take a tour of the museum, guided or self-guided. Learn about Knights, history, & heritage. The Whalehead Club also offers a Wednesday Wine Festival every week from 3pm-7pm on the lawn. Taste some local wines and sit out under the gazebo and relax in the shade as you listen to the music from the festival. Check out the online Calendar for upcoming events. Many visitors also enjoy fishing off the boardwalk and kayaking around the sound. Climbing up the 214 steps of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse is also a must-do! It’s just $7 to climb to the top, and you can see amazing views of the ocean and sound, and look out on Heritage Park and the rest of the Currituck Outer Banks! Also be sure to visit the Wildlife Center , Maritime Exhibit ,and the Historic Corolla Village . There is even a wetland walk for those that want to be surrounded by nature. You can even try some NC BBQ at Corolla Village BBQ . And for a sweet treat afterwards, you can head over to Corolla Light Town Center for some frozen yogurt at Sweet Cups or for some pastries at Northern Lights Bakery . And for those that want to head out to the beach, access is right across the street from Heritage Park!

So much to do and so much to see, one day trip might just not be enough! If you’re use to vacationing in the heart of the Outer Banks, it might be a little culture shock, but renting a house in Corolla might be just the change of scenery you need. Take your time and explore what Currituck County has to offer. Corolla offers as many great things as KDH area, and even more! You can’t go out and see the wild Spanish mustangs in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, or Kitty Hawk. That's something you can only experience in Corolla, where there is access to the 4x4 beaches of Carova , and plenty of beach jeep rentals for those who don’t have a 4x4 vehicle of their own!

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