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6 Jul 2016

Make Your Next Outer Banks Beach Vacation the Best Yet with these Beach Tips!

You may have missed your chance to spend the Fourth of July on North Carolina's Outer Banks, but don't get bummed; there's more than enough summer left to enjoy! Get on the (beach) ball, and book your next vacation in a vacation rental home from Sun Realty. You'll be glad you did.

Here are some great tips to help you make the most of your Outer Banks beach vacation:

Get to the beach early in the day. Outer Banks summers can be brutal (holy humidity)! Catch a gorgeous sunrise, or just arrive in the morning to take advantage of cooler temps. The sun and sand get super hot by noontime. 

Be prepared for beach critters. Jellyfish stings can sure put a damper on your day at the beach, so if you happen to find yourself a victim of a sting, have some vinegar on hand to help with the pain (yes, it works). Depending on the wind direction, biting flies can also become a nuisance. Sometimes it's best to stick with the pool or sound accesses if winds are bringing flies to the beach.

Hydrate. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And don't forget the sunscreen!

If you bring it, take it. Setting up your beach location for the day can be a lot of work, but be sure to remove all of your umbrellas, tents, coolers, beach chairs, etc. at the end of your beach time. Most towns have ordiances against leaving such items on the beach, and for good reason. They prohibit others from enjoying the beach, can become dangerous if winds pick up, and can also interfere with sea turtle movement at night. And if you dig a hole, fill it in! People can fall in while walking the beach at night, they interfere with lifeguard vehicular traffic, and again, those sea turtles can become trapped. Remember to leave the beach the same as (or better than) you found it.

Plan for some downtime. Sit on the deck with a cup of coffee, or an iced cold beverage. Take a long, leisurely nap. Read a book. Play a game. Just relax, unplug, and enjoy your Outer Banks vacation.

Be aware of your surroundings. Remember that the Outer Banks is an awesome place for fishing and crabbing. If you see people fishing in the surf, or are near a pier, just be aware of flying fish hooks and marine life. Rip currents are another potential danger for beachgoers. Swim near a lifeguard, heed warning flags when flying, and always be alert to what's going on around you, especially while in the water.

Take pictures. Beach days are the best, and you're no doubt making memories you'll want to capture. Snap away! Keep your smartphone or camera in a Ziploc bag to protect it from water and sand.

Take advantage of clear skies. Nighttime on the Outer Banks can be captivating! With very little light pollution, you can see the stars clearly. Listen for frogs and crickets, watch for ghost crabs on the beach, or seek out that shooting star to wish upon.

And there's one last thing; from the Sun Realty family to yours, have a great time! Don't forget, you can pre-reserve for next year's vacation before you leave.


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