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Fun-filled days on gorgeous 4x4 Beaches in NC...

Sunrise on the beach The beauty of a vacation on the 4x4 Beaches/Carova is that nature takes center stage! There are no restaurants or shopping centers - or gas stations and grocery stores for that matter. Instead, your vacation revolves around the rise and fall of the tide.

While on your vacation to Carova, Swan Beach or any of the other 4x4 Beaches, take time to enjoy the simple things. Build a sandcastle with your kids, search for shells and sea glass, or watch for dolphins playing in the distance. This is also a wonderful opportunity to take long walks along the shore.

If you need supplies or entertainment, Corolla is just a 10-20 minute drive away (depending on how far north your vacation home is). However, you'll likely feel so peaceful on the 4x4 Beaches that you won't want to venture "to town."

Spend relaxing days playing in the waves on the pristine 4x4 Beaches. You'll feel a true connection to nature and a sense serenity found nowhere else. A vacation in Carova or any of the other 4x4 Beaches is an adventure... Who needs roads anyway?

Most families "tail gate" on the beach all day. Load the back of your truck or SUV with beach chairs, a cooler, packed lunches, snacks, beach umbrellas, toys, music, and of course, sunscreen. Also bring along a set of binoculars so you can see birds, dolphins, and ships in the distance. Please see our list of driving tips for the 4x4 Beaches - we want you to have a safe visit.

Water Sports

Young boy surfing

Water sports are the #1 activity in Carova and the other 4x4 Beaches. Whether you've been surfing for years or this is your first time bodyboarding, just get out there and have fun! Looking to stay out of the surf try taking a stand up paddlboard soundside. Many folks also enjoy kayaking along canals on the soundside. Lessons and rental equipment is readily available in Corolla.


Search for Wild Horses

It's also fun to explore the back roads leading to the sound. Some are private roads, so keep an eye out for signs indicating private property. On your drive, you'll see a variety of wildlife and gorgeous scenery. You may also spot the Corolla Wild Horses - they tend to move towards the sound on hot days.Wild Horse Running on a dune in Corolla, NC

Want an easy way to spot the Corolla Wild Horses? There are numerous local companies based in Corolla that provide guided tours. These tour companies provide a fun, safe and carefree way to experience the beautiful horses. You don't need to worry about getting stuck or lost when you take advantage of these professional tours.

•    Wild Horse Adventure Tours: (252)-489-2020
•    Beach Jeeps of Corolla: (252) 453-6141
•    Outback Adventures: (252) 453-4484
•    Wild Horse Safari: (252) 453-0877


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