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Spend less time sitting in traffic and more time at the beach! Sun Realty offers Friday to Friday vacation rentals along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. If you have ever checked-in on a Saturday or Sunday, you are aware that traffic getting to the OBX during the weekend is busy and time-consuming. A great way to avoid this is booking a Friday vacation rental through Sun Realty and avoiding the traffic all together. Not only are you circumventing sitting in your car, but booking a Friday rental allows you to start your vaction early and take advantage of the weekend; a luxury most vacationers don't get to do.

A little secret that locals know that most visitors don't is that the beaches on Saturday and Sunday are usually less crowded. Now this might not make a lot of sense, but Saturday and Sunday are busy for a reason. Vacationers are leaving their OBX rental and excited guests are driving to their weekly rental. With everyone in their cars, there is hardly anyone at the beach! Reserving a Friday OBX rental allows you to wake up, have breakfast, and pick the best spot on the beach for you to relax, read a book, dip your toes into the ocean, and enjoy some much needed sunshine.

Checking out is a breeze too when you are staying in a Friday to Friday rental with Sun Realty. The same traffic you missed on the weekends by driving to the Outer Banks on Friday, is the same traffic you don't have to see leaving. Though most schedules make it hard to get out of work on a Friday to start your vacation, it is well worth the adjustment if you can manage it. Less stress, less time in the car, and more time for you to enjoy yourself and your family is really what vacations are truly all about. 

Call us at (252) 441-7035 to start planning your Friday OBX vacation today!