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Rest Assured: Cleaning and Sanitation Protocols

You can have confidence that your vacation rental property through Sun Realty is safely cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival. Our housekeeping team is trained to follow guidelines by the Vacation Rental Housekeepers Association, based on CDC protocols, between all occupancies.

To that end, we have instituted the following policies, and are providing adequate staff training for our cleaners, linens associates, maintenance techs, and our rental office staff. Staff is encouraged to wash hands regularly and properly. Sanitizer is also provided throughout our facilities.

For cleaners:Cleaning protocols OBX vacation rentals

  • Our cleaning crews are equipped with masks, gloves, and booties to protect them and also to maintain the integrity of their cleaning and disinfecting work. Frequent handwashing is required and is mandatory prior to beginning each clean and at completion.

  • Our housekeepers will follow their normal cleaning procedures, and then will follow with a disinfectant with an efficacy to kill coronavirus. We are addressing high-touch hard surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, cabinet knobs, appliance handles, chairbacks, dresser knobs and stair railings.

  • We recommend that you bring cleaning supplies and disinfectant with you so that you can maintain cleanliness during your stay. We also offer mid-week cleaning and disinfecting services. 

  • If you are concerned about soft surfaces such as bedding, we recommend triple sheeting. Triple sheeting is a third sheet that is tucked over the top of the bed covering and into the first top sheet. This method provides additional peace of mind that the top layer of bedding you touch is fresh and clean. You can watch our easy to follow instructions on how to do this when you make the beds (please note the pillow protectors have already been put in place). If bedmaking is included, this service will be performed for you. Triple sheeting will be an option, as part of our Linens Plus package. To do this with your own linens, bring one additional top sheet per bed. 

  • These additional cleaning and disinfecting procedures will extend the time it takes to prepare each property for your arrival. Check-ins will be delayed this year. We ask for your patience and understanding.

For linens (sheets and towels provided by Sun Realty):

  • Our linens facilities are regularly cleaned, followed by a disinfectant proven to kill coronavirus. Our linens team wears masks, both to protect them while handling dirty sheets and towels and to maintain cleanliness when folding, wrapping and packing clean sheets and towels. 

  • Our washing and drying protocols adhere to industry best-practices and CDC guidelines for cleaning agents and water temperature. We utilize the recommended amount of EPA-approved, high percentage bleaching agent and have an additional sanitizing cycle. Our linen equipment, including carts, bags and delivery trucks, are cleaned and sanitized between services.

  • Your linens will be delivered to your rental property prior to your stay. After the cleaning and disinfecting process is completed, the wrapped sheet set placed at the end of the bed. Towels will be placed in clean bathrooms. If your services include bedmaking, sheets will be unwrapped and beds freshly made for your stay.

No-Touch/Low-Touch Check-Ins and Check-Outs

Rental properties with keyless entry will be allowed access to the home ASAP upon notification that the property has been sufficiently cleaned and inspected, without having to visit the rental office. For homes with keys, guests may opt to receive those key packets via our outside drop boxes, to avoid coming into the rental office. Check-out simply by leaving the keys on the kitchen counter (not necessary for keyless) then call or text to let us know you have left the property. No need to return to the office.

Maintenance/Pools/HVAC Technicians:

Should your vacation rental need service during your stay, the following protocols are now in place:

  • Maintenance Coordinators will note the guest or owner's phone number on the technician's work order.
  • Technician will call when they arrive. The owner or guest will be asked to leave the property or isolate themselves while tech is working in the home.
  • Techs will wear masks, gloves & booties while in the home.
  • Techs will request access to the closest sink to wash/sanitize hands before & after every service call or use hand sanitizer upon entering the property and at departure.

Vacation safe, vacation happy, vacation healthy!

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