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30 Mar 2015

Planning a destination wedding on the Outer Banks? Think outside the box.

The idea of a destination wedding on the Outer Banks is, of course, to get married on the beach. How out of box can you get? The answer is… very.

Your first thought may have been to host the ceremony on a public beach before jaunting to a local restaurant or event location to dance the night away. But here’s an alternative: Book a vacation rental home with Sun Realty.

Invite the whole family, and all of your friends to stay in a home with 10 or more bedrooms, and make it a real celebration! Get married on the beach, along the sound, or on the grounds one of our famous Outer Banks landmarks; wherever the location, Sun Realty can help!

Manage your expectations, and be flexible.

Planning a wedding is stressful, even when you’re not trying to do it from a distance. You won’t necessarily be able to meet with every vendor every time; you won’t be able to oversee every step of centerpiece and bouquet construction, and chances are pretty decent that something, at some point will go wrong. Take a deep breath, and read our next tip.

Hire a coordinator.

Chances are, Sun Realty can recommend a good (not to mention, a local) one. A wedding coordinator will serve as your stand-in, to meet with vendors, and make sure every detail is planned as planned.

Opt for a simple gown.

Take it from someone who’s been there: A poofy, many layered wedding gown is heavy. A poofy, many layered wedding gown filled with sand after a ceremony on the beach will be even heavier. 

Charge it.

Even with a coordinator, and all the zen mantras in the world, sometimes vendors are flaky. Sometimes vendors double book themselves, and sometimes they just stop answering your phone calls. If you pay with credit cards, you’ll have a little added protection in case something goes awry, or someone goes AWOL.

Stay out of the sun.

On an island as gorgeous as Hatteras, it can be hard — so hard — to convince yourself to stay in the shade, and out of the sun, but it’s only for a few days. Sunburns and tan lines do not make for a happy bride. 

Stow your rings.

Planning for a celebratory jump in the ocean ? Take your rings off first. I know, you just put them on; why would you want to take them off again? So they don’t get washed away in the surf, that’s why.

Most importantly of all, get married, and have the time of your life!

Nothing makes us happier, or love our jobs more than making a couple’s dreams of their perfect wedding day come true. Plan your wedding on the Outer Banks; Sun Realty has just the place.


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