Carova / 4 Wheel Drive Beaches

Get Away from it All on the Beaches of Carova
Carova NC Rentals
The draw of Carova begins with its rugged beauty and isolation. You will need a 4WD vehicle to access these homes.

Carova Beach is a premier Outer Banks family vacation spot in North Carolina. Located at the northern end of the North Carolina beaches, Carova Beach offers miles of secluded beach and a variety of OBX vacation homes. Carova, NC is sure to make your list of top family vacation spots in which to return.

About Carova Beach, NC

When describing the Carova Beach, the phrase "getting away from it all" isn't just a cliché! There are no paved roads, no gas stations and no restaurants. Instead, you’ll have a timeless adventure and an unforgettable Outer Banks vacation. Bring supplies so you never have to leave this ideal setting to shop in town. Please read important information on four wheel beach driving.

Carova Beach Rental Communities

Depending on your preference in an Outer Banks vacation home, Carova offers several beach communities: Seagull Beach, Penny’s Hill, Swan Beach, North Swan Beach, and Carova Beach. The vacation homes offered in Carova vary from opulent retreats with private pools, game rooms and numerous master suites to rustic beach cottages in which your only distraction will be the sound of rolling waves. Beautiful vacation homes are available in every price range.

North Carolina Beaches Aren’t Just For People!

Carova Beach offers a unique touch to your off-road vacation. The Carova Wild Horses are part of the unique nature of the North Carolina beaches. These beautiful animals, often called Banker Horses, are the descendants of Spanish mustangs. Left here by pirates of plunder, and shipwrecks off the Atlantic shoreline, the Wild Horses roam freely along the beach, the back roads, and in yards of the North Carolina vacation rentals! Watching the Wild Horses graze and play in the surf is an unforgettable experience. Stunning natural beauty and adventure await you on the beaches of NC. Tell your family and friends that your next vacation begins where the paved road ends!

Featured Carova NC Rentals:


Tucs Beachin OBX House CV-16

8 BR, 8 ½ BA in Carova, NC Oceanfront
Bay2Sea CV-25 Canalfront Exterior

Bay2Sea CV-25

6 BR, 6 ½ BA in Carova, NC Oceanside
The Off Road Inn CV-42 Exterior

The Off Road Inn CV-42

5 BR, 4 BA in Carova, NC Oceanside
Oceanfront Exterior

Mustang Magnet CV-57

6 BR, 5 & 2 Half BA in Carova, NC Oceanfront
Oceanfront Exterior

Sun King II CV-59

9 BR, 8 ½ BA in Carova, NC Oceanfront
Dancin with Waves SWB-20 Exterior

Dancin With Waves SWB-20

6 BR, 7 ½ BA in Carova, NC Oceanside

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