Outer Banks Bike Rentals & Trails

Two-wheel adventures on the OBX!
Most towns and villages on the Outer Banks offer multi-use paths for recreational bicyclists. It is a wonderful way to experience the beautiful coastal scenery and feel the sea breeze! You can bring your bikes from home, or rent bikes and equipment from local shops. Please always watch for traffic, wear the appropriate safety equipment, and use extreme caution. Biking is a fun and environmentally friendly Outer Banks activity. Have fun and stay safe!

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Outer Banks Bike Paths

Corolla offers a 3-foot to 6-foot paved path that spans just over 10 miles.  While cycling through Corolla, you can stop and visit attractions such as the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education, The Whalehead Club, and Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary.

Duck and Southern Shores offer both a 3-foot to 6-foot paved path and a 5-foot to 8-foot wide sidepath along the road. These two paths alternate throughout the towns of Duck and Southern Shores, spanning just over 10 miles.

Nags Head offers a path that spans 11 miles. The path is part asphalt, part concrete, and runs nearly the entire length of the town.

Kill Devil Hills offers a 5-foot to 6-foot paved path that runs along National Park Service property past the Wright Brothers National Memorial.  Cyclists may also enjoy biking through Centennial Park.

Kitty Hawk offers several options for cyclists at various skills levels. Fast cyclists can take the oceanside route along the 3-foot to 6-foot shoulders of NC-12. A safer soundside route offers a 6-foot path through the Kitty Hawk Coastal Reserve. A modified oceanside route runs past the Black Pelican Restaurant, though the 3-foot to 4-foot shoulders along the Beach Road are often very sandy.    

Roanoke Island offers cycling on the sidewalks of Manteo or along the wide paved shoulders of US-64/264.  Be sure to stop at some of the attractions along the way: Fort Raleigh, the Elizabethan Gardens, the North Carolina Aquarium, and the Elizabeth II at Roanoke Island Festival Park.

Hatteras Island offers the paved shoulders of NC 12, which can vary from 1-foot to 6-foot in width. The roadway has heavy traffic, and is not recommended for novice riders at many points along the way.  Visit Coquina Beach and the Museum of the Graveyard of the Atlantic along the way.

Ocracoke offers a 13-mile paved ride from the ferry dock to the village.  Traffic is light in this area, so it is good for family cycling along the neighborhood streets.

Outer Banks Bike Safety

Bicyclists are sharing Outer Banks roadways with motorists, now more than ever before. The following North Carolina regulations outline road sharing safety between bicyclists and vehicles.

  • Bicyclists must ride on the right, in the same direction as the flow of other traffic. Never ride on the left against the flow of traffic. Bicyclists should remain within 4' of the right hand paved edge of the roadway. They have the right to be there, and the responsibility to stay there. A bicyclist is not required to ride on the shoulder, paved or not, since the shoulder is not legally defined as being part of the roadway.
  • While bicyclists should ride as far right as practicable, they may ride well out into the traffic lane under the following conditions:
    • If he/she can maintain a speed not less than 10 mph under posted speed limit  
    • If the right-hand edge of the roadway is in poor condition (gravel, potholes, etc.); and
    • In order to rightfully claim a right-of-way to prevent being squeezed by passing two-way traffic.
  • Bicyclists must ride single file on any roadway shared with motorists. Be sure to have a rear view mirror if you're going ride on the highway.
  • Minor-age or slow adult bicyclists: ride on the sidewalks or bike paths scattered throughout the Outer Banks.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way on sidewalks.
  • Motorists may approach and pass a bicyclist only at a safe lateral distance and with reasonable and proper speed. Overtaking motor vehicle traffic must treat bicycles as legitimate vehicles, and pass only when it is safe to do so, clearing the bicycle by at least 2'. 
  • Bicyclists must use hand signals for turns and stops. Bicyclists must obey stop lights, stop signs, and other traffic signals, just as motor vehicles do.
  • Bicyclists may choose to make a left turn from the appropriate lane, like a vehicle, with hand signals, or may dismount and walk the bicycle across the intersection, like a pedestrian.
  • Bicyclists must keep at least one hand on the handle bars at all times. No riding double except on a bike specially designed or equipped to carry more than one rider or adult bikes with child seats). Hitching rides on moving motor vehicles is dangerous and unlawful.
  • When on a designated bike path, the cyclist has the right of way over motor vehicles turning into or coming out of parking lots or driveways. 
  • In case of a bicycle accident involving death, injury, or property damage, the bicyclist must stop and report the accident to the police.
  • Riding at night requires a lighted white light in the front (visible 300'), and either a lighted red light and/or a red reflector in the rear (visible 200'). Not recommended.


Outer Banks Bike Rentals


Outer Banks Bicycle - 817 Ocean Trail, Monteray Plaza, Corolla, NC, 252-480-3399
Moneysworth Rentals - Water Tower Lane, Corolla, NC, 800-833-5233
Just for the Beach Rentals - 501 Hunt Club Drive, Currituck Club, Corolla, NC, 800-367-5382
Ocean Atlantic Rentals - 1210 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC, Local 252-453-2440, 800-635-9559


Duck Village Outfitters - 1207 Duck Road, Duck, NC, 252-261-7222
Ocean Atlantic Rentals - 1194 Duck Road, Duck, NC, Local 252-261-4346, 800-635-9559

Kitty Hawk:

Kitty Hawk Cycle Company - 203 Eckner Street, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949, 252-261-2060
Moneysworth Rentals - 947 W Kitty Hawk Road, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949, 800-833-5233

Kill Devil Hills:

Bike Barn - 1312 Wrightsville Avenue, Kill Devil Hills, NC, 252-441-3786
Lifesaver Rent-Alls - 1006 South Virginia Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills, NC, 252-441-6048
KDH Cycle & Skate - 203 S Virginia Dare Trail, Milepost 8.5, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, 252-480-3399
Ocean Atlantic Rentals - 2001 S. Croatan Hwy 158, NC 27959, Local 252-441-7823, 800-635-9559

Nags Head:

Beach Daze General Store - 2500 South Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, NC 27959, 252-441-0949
Ocean Atlantic Rentals - 2034 S Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, NC 27959, Local 252-441-7823, 800-635-9559

Hatteras Island:

Ocean Atlantic Rentals - 40809 NC Highway 12, Avon, NC, Local 252-995-5868, 800-635-9559
Island Cycles - 41934 NC Highway 12, Hatteras Island Plaza, Avon, NC, 800-229-7810
Island Cycles - 57698 NC Highway 12, Hatteras, NC, 800-229-7810