Review for 162-C

Friday, Oct 5 2012
Hi, I normaly do not do the review thing but when something as awesome as our stay in Duck in this wonderful home happened it is worth my time to review. We had the best time EVER !!, The Krusty Karb is such a nice place and the very best thing is it is "user friendly" When researching homes to stay in all i kept seeing was stairs,stairs and more stairs, which is great if you have two great knees ( i do not) . we really could not tell by the photo's on line what climbs i would have to make , but we spun the wheel and we were BIG WINNERS. Now please do think the lack of height aka stairs takes anything away from this house ,in fact in my opinion it offers an option that some/most rentals lack , that is ease of use if your knees,back etc make stair climbing a bit of a challange. The house was spotless clean when we arrived and the office were you pick up your keys etc made us feel like we were "home" . The view from the decks of the KK (we called it that all week) was breathtaking and i dont want to over comment on the less staris to enjoy all views and the beach but it was a great thing for me. Best place ever and we are booking in 2013 hope the house does not change or grow anymore stairs it is perfect as is :)