right on the beach

Review for TGS-O3

Sunday, Jul 25 2021
The location was the best thing being right on the beach. The kitchen was well equipped except there was no where to put our food we brought to make our meals. The elevator was a plus. The pool was great. Could use better mattresses. Not very comfy.


Hello Carol, We appreciate the time you took for the feedback and review our condo. We agree the view from the condo is great! The empty center large cabinet with lazy susan and the large wicker basket tray counter usually provide enough space for groceries, but sorry you guys needed more space. We found that guests prefer the extensive array of different cooking items, pots/pans, and cups/mugs/plates that fill the majority of our cabinets to be more useful than empty storage space. As far as mattresses go, that is a very subjective area. We replaced the mattresses in the condo in 2018 with high quality Sealy Posturepedics and specifically selected a firmness/softness rating right in the middle of the scale to try and please the majority of guest preferences. We have found that a small number of guests who are accustomed to a very soft or very firm mattress at home notice a difference when sleeping on a midrange mattress. It remains a no-win situation in that correcting to a softer or firmer mattress still doesn't address the full broad spectrum of guest preferences. ~Tim and Marie