Almost perfect

Review for 275-A

Wednesday, Jul 31 2019
We’ve been vacationing at the Outer Banks for years...5 families ranging in age from 85 to 2. This was our first time staying on the sound side. We were looking for a house that fit our needs rather than solely location. This house checked off a lot of our must open main living area, plenty of seating, a spacious kitchen (we do a lot of cooking rather than eating out), and a large pool area. The location turned out to be great...a quiet neighborhood that offered us privacy while lounging by the pool. We were in walking distance of the sound as well as Trios and Sweet Frog (our evening dessert spot). Beach access points were a short drive away. The kitchen was awesome....very spacious and well stocked with all the things you would need. Unfortunately the dishwasher broke our first day. A repair man came on Monday to assess the problem. A piece had been broke and he said it appeared it had been that way for awhile.!! This news was frustrating!! The part did not come in until we did without a dishwasher for almost our entire vacation hand washing ALL the dishes for every meal for 5 families!! The rental contract prevented us from seeking any financial restitution. When we checked in there were little bugs (looked like little mosquitoes, but not) all over the ceiling of the stairwells, main entry level, and some on the upper level. We called and a cleaning crew was going to be sent, however, we found a vacuum and sucked them off the ceiling ourselves. We found hundreds of the bugs outside the main front door so previous occupants must have left the doors open. If you don’t need to be walking distant to the beach this house would be a good choice.


Thank you for providing such a detailed review! We sincerely apologize for the dishwasher malfunction during your stay. Our cleaning staff does not use the dishwasher on turn over day unless necessary so unfortunately, we were not aware there was an issue until it was reported during your stay. The small bugs you found at check in are midges which are attracted to aquatic habitats and lights. You are correct, they are not mosquitoes, just these annoying little bugs that have taken over many areas on the Outer Banks this year. One of our rental offices was invaded by them as well. We power washed the building and they returned full force within 24 hours! A couple of years ago they stuck around all summer too, so we were not happy when the area noticed they decided to come back this year. Again, we appreciate your review and hope to see you again for your next Outer Banks vacation! ~The Kitty Hawk Office