weve been coming to the outerbanks for about a decade, and this is by far our new favorite.

Review for 47-A

Thursday, Jun 14 2018
If you are looking at this house because of needs of an elderly or disabled family member, (which we were needing these for both of my parents) you won't be disappointed as it has 2 bedrooms with bathrooms that have wider doors for wheelchair and solidly installed grab bars in the showers and fold down shower seats which was a huge help. but we were pleasantly surprised that Corolla recently converted the beach access (that is seriously right out a gate in the back yard, and a very short walk away.) to make it so that the large tire beach wheelchairs can easily get over the sand dunes. I can't imagine why we would choose any other house since it's an accessible house on the accessible beach location and all the beds were comfortable (there have been years where we've had to go buy a mattress topper in Kitty Hawk to make some of the houses we have stayed in tolerable for me to sleep all week. It Then we were even more pleased when we realized we didn't have to spend hundreds to rent one that week because there is a tent right on the beach across the dune with guys working for one of the resorts with carts and even the big beach/sand wheelchairs . If I understood correctly, it appears that because it's a public beach, they have to offer services to "the public" so there is no charge, though it's easy to be generous with a gratuity when you save so much not having to rent a sand wheelchair. They are very willing to transport all the way to the house. (which was simply the distance of a tennis court and one house) But back to the house. THe house felt much higher end than the other houses we have been in. It clearly was decorated and furnished professionally. The furniture and beds were all much nicer than some houses weve stayed in. It was just pretty, and felt so nice. at first I thoguth it was a brand new builld, but no, it's just a very well built house that feels new still because everything is high quality . The towels were so plush and luxurious . The kitchen didn't have amy kind of mixer, but it had everything else we needed. I wish I had noted the brand/model of the blender at the tikibar by the pool because it blended ice into amazingly smooth frozen bevarages. and the only thing that the house was lacking was some personal touches that make the different houses feel unique like when we find a big box of coloring books and craft supplies for the little kids on a rainy day or or something else that the owners thought would help make their house special. However, I'm sure that those extras are things that house owners add over time and this house is new to the rental market.


Wow, Thank you for such a wonderful review! The team here at Sun Realty is thrilled to hear of such good feedback and are overjoyed to know that the family has found their new favorite Outer Banks vacation home! See you soon. ~The Corolla Team