Terrific house for us!

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Tuesday, Aug 1 2017
This is the first year we've treated ourselves to an ocean front vacation home and we sure aren't disappointed so far! Our week isn't finished yet, but I was a little apprehensive about some of the other reviews left here at first and I really wanted to help the owners out by inserting some other information. The fact is, when one rents an ocean front vacation home in the Outer Banks I see no reason to expect a private beach comes along with it. Some people reported they couldn't find any available space on the beach because of all the people from the RV Park or otherwise. We have not seen that so far. I think the RV Park's rather charming (probably because my grandparents vacationed that way for years and loaned us the RV every once in a while; brings back happy memories I guess) and I don't see where else those folks are supposed to go to enjoy the beach if not in front of the ocean-facing houses. To be candid, we don't see any more people on the beach this year than we saw last year when we stayed in Kitty Hawk. We haven't stayed at the northern beaches for quite a few years but I suspect they remain a little less populated than the towns on 158 are so perhaps if a vacationer wants to be around fewer people Duck or Corolla might be better choices for them. We stayed all the way down in Hatteras three years ago too and felt like we had the beach to ourselves on some days. Anyway, all the people here are not bothering us in the least. Again, this is our first time in an oceanfront home and I think we're getting pretty spoiled by being so close! My husband and I are sleeping in the bedroom on the first floor and the sound of the ocean being right there lulls me to sleep every night. Our daughter and her best friend are using one of the upstairs rooms facing the ocean and the same is true for them. You do get full sun in the morning when you're sleeping on the ocean side of the house so if you like to open the windows at night just be aware that you'll wake up a little early. Guilford is the perfect size for our family and we're thoroughly enjoying our time here!


Our team is thrilled to see that you found the perfect vacation home for the entire family and thoroughly enjoyed your time at the beach. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We hope you can come back and see us again soon! ~The Kitty Hawk Team