Adequate Beach House

Review for 485-A

Thursday, Aug 21 2014
We had a great vacation but we were disappointed in some of the "amenities." Only a few of the TVs were hooked to cable which made the others pretty useless so for those that fall asleep to a TV it was annoying not to have the option. There were 2 toasters and neither worked. There weren't enough forks, we ended up having to purchase forks. The couches in the main living area were worn. The house carried noise so trying to get children sleeping and keeping them asleep was a challenge. We had three ice makers and for most of the week only one worked, we did finally get ice from a second one before the week was out. There were lamps that had no light bulb and lamps that had bulbs burned out. Someone for pool maintenance came and cleaned the large pool but not the kiddie pool. The hot tub is on the second floor balcony outside of one of the bedrooms which made the bedroom view bad and if anyone used the tub after the people in the room went to sleep it woke them up. These are small issues by themselves but combined were frustrating when we think of the amount of money we spent for these accommodations.


As new owners of the house, we really appreciate your feedback.  We are already purchasing all new appliances including dishwashers, washing machines, small appliances (toasters/coffee makers) and restocking the kitchen utensils. We have already installed a brand new grill. It is our goal to make sure our home is more than adequately stocked for large gatherings. We also have taken care of all other small maintenance issues and will be leaving an extra supply of light bulbs and other necessities. We invite you to share in these changes and hope they will make your stay even more enjoyable.