Kitty Hawk Kites Kite Festival at the Wright Brothers Memorial

Saturday was my day with Avery and we had so much fun! I took off half a day to take him to the Kitty Hawk Kite's Kite Festival at the Wright Brother's Monument...

Traffic was wretched, but Avery was really patient in the car; he just wanted to know why it was taking so long and kept saying "Look at this Aunt Snef-nie, watch me!" Once we got close enough to see the kites from the car, his face just lit up and he got sooooo excited.Which, of course, was exciting for me. The weather was a perfect kite flying day...and there were so many kites to look at! Some of our favorites were the frog, the lady bugs, the penguin and of course Nemo. But we also saw a bear, a shark with a diver and a manta ray, a lobster and jelly fish. People were giving stunt kite demonstrations and of course there were lots of "regular" kites in all sizes and colors. I would have liked to see more things to do, but Avery had fun running around and jumping up trying to "catch" the kites. We also played on the Memorial for a long t! ime, chasing each other and hiding.

We went in to the gift shop at the Aviation Museum and bought a bird/airplane glider thing and played with it in the grass. It's a pretty neat toy, you wind it up and the bird will "fly" through the air. Avery probably spent 30 minutes chasing it around and thanked me every time I threw it for him. Even the plants and bugs on the walk up to the monument entertained him and he makes up some of the best stories to tell me about things!

Afterwards we went for some ice cream and Cold Stone and then I took him home...he fell fast asleep before we were even out of the parking lot! I have already added the Kite Festival to next year's calendar.

Submitted by Stephanie G.

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I've never been but it is something I'm definitely going to put on my calendar for next year!

A couple of moms and I took a group of kids last year (from 6 months to 4 years). Even the baby loved looking at all the colors! The kids laughed, ran around in circles, and burned off a lot of excess energy, which is ALWAYS a good thing. Moms out there know what I mean. :) We'll definitely put this on the calendar each year.