Review for 529

Tuesday, Jul 13 2010
This house has everything! The picture's online look good, but it is even better in person! It is perfect for large families! Great location! I have some great pic's of the house at night! If you would want them to post email me back! Thanks for a great vaca!


HELLO my name is Jessica and my family and I are staying here in sept. I was wondering how this home is layed out? do all of the rooms have bathtub? or just showers? are there rooms that you found more kid friendly? I have 3 kiddos under 6 and was just wondering. thank you!!!!! jess

hi i was woundering if you happen to find out the layout of the house cause im gonna be there in sept. thanks

The top floor has 2 master bedrooms. The middle floor has 4 bedrooms. If you want the kids close I would choose this floor. The bottom floor has 2 bedrooms with bunkbeds and game room and theater room.