Restaurants in Corolla

Pasquale's Pizza

Type: Pizza
Phone: 252-453-6111
Address: 1210 Ocean Trail Corolla, NC

Dunkin' Donuts

Type: Coffee-shop
Phone: 252-453-6291
Address: 809 Ocean Trail Corolla, NC

The Shack Coffee Shop & Beer Garden

Type: Coffee-shop
Phone: 252-597-1500
Address: 1148 Ocean Trail Corolla, NC

Corolla Cantina Bar & Grill

Type: Mexican
Phone: 252-597-1730
Address: 1159-C Austin Street Corolla, NC

Uncle Ike's Sandbar & Grill

Type: American
Phone: 252-597-1606
Address: 1159 Austin Street Corolla, NC

La Dolce Vita

Type: Italian
Phone: 252-453-0069
Address: 798 Sunset Blvd. Corolla, NC


Type: Asian
Phone: 252-453-4503
Address: 887 Albacore Street Corolla, NC

Agave Roja Modern Mexican

Type: Mexican
Phone: 252-453-0446
Address: 807-B Ocean Trail Corolla, NC

Urban Kitchen

Phone: 252-453-4453
Address: 603 Currituck Clubhouse Drive Corolla, NC

Wake N' Bakon Breakfast & Brunch

Type: Breakfast
Phone: 252-453-4004
Address: 106 Austin Street Corolla, NC

First Light Breakfast & Burgers

Type: American
Phone: 252-453-4664
Address: 790 Ocean Trail Corolla, NC

Duck Donuts

Type: Breakfast
Phone: 252-453-3120
Address: 601 Currituck Clubhouse Drive Corolla, NC


Type: Fine-dining
Phone: (252) 453-6167
Address: 520 Old Stoney Rd. Corolla, N.C. 27927

Mike and Dianna's Grill Room

Type: Steak-seafood
Phone: (252) 453-4336
Address: 777 Sunset Boulevard, TimBuck II Shopping Village, Corolla, NC

Bad Bean Taqueria

Type: Mexican
Phone: (252) 453-4380
Address: 785 Sunset Boulevard Timbuck II Shopping Center Corolla, NC 27927

Route 12 Steak and Seafood Company

Type: Steak-seafood
Phone: (252) 453-4644
Address: 786-C Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 27927 Timbuck II Shopping Village

Sooey's BBQ and Rib Shack

Type: American
Phone: (252) 453-4423
Address: 807 Ocean Trail Corolla, NC 27927

Steamers Shellfish to Go

Type: Steak-seafood
Phone: (252) 453-3305
Address: 798-B Sunset Blvd. Corolla, NC 27927 Timbuck II Shopping Village

Cosmo's Pizza

Type: Pizza
Phone: (252) 453-4666
Address: 110 Corolla Light Dr. Corolla, NC 27927

Corolla Pizza

Type: Pizza
Phone: (252) 453-8592
Address: 1152 Ocean Trail, Austin Complex, Corolla, NC 27927

Corolla Village Barbecue

Type: American
Phone: (252) 457-0076
Address: 1129 Corolla Village Road Corolla, NC 27927

North Banks Restaurant and Raw Bar

Type: Steak-seafood
Phone: (252) 453-3344
Address: 794 Sunset Blvd. Corolla, North Carolina 27927 Timbuck II Shopping Village

Bacchus Wine and Cheese

Type: Sandwich
Phone: (252) 453-4333
Address: Monteray Plaza - South Side of the Food Lion Corolla, NC 27927

Sundogs Raw Bar & Grill

Type: American
Phone: (252) 453-4263
Address: 807 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 27927

Tomato Patch Pizzeria

Type: American
Phone: (252) 453-4500
Address: 803 Albacore Sreet, Corolla, NC 27927 Monteray Shores Plaza

Big Buck's Ice Cream and Coffee Bar

Type: Ice-cream
Phone: (252) 453-3188
Address: 794 Sunset Blvd, Corolla, NC 27927 Timbuck 2 Shopping Village